PREDiCT Innovation_ Leverage Novel Preclinical Oncology Approaches to Guide Clinical Success (4)

Accelerate & Improve Your Drug Candidates’ Translational & Predictive Response through Novel Preclinical Approaches

Following a recent series of high-profile clinical failures, predictability and translatability remain of utmost importance amongst oncology scientists. Stakes are high for innovative cancer therapies, particularly in the immuno-oncology and combination approach spaces.

The PREDiCT Innovation: Leverage Novel Preclinical Oncology Approaches to Guide Clinical Success meeting, in partnership with Crown Bioscience, Inc., shared the latest techniques and strategies in preclinical modeling, enabling you to:

  • Stay up to date with innovations and advances in preclinical oncology research, from organoids to PDX, from homografts to complex genetically engineered models, to enhance predictability and clinical translation success
  • Uncover latest scientific data for combination approaches and cell therapies using novel preclinical models – specifically evaluating drug toxicity, safety and efficacy
  • Exploit the power of bioinformatics and genomics, to boost your understanding of the tumor microenvironment, maximizing your immuno-oncology preclinical and clinical outcomes
  • Discuss, share and network with elite Preclinical and Translational Scientists to understand how to design customized preclinical studies and avoid costly late stage clinical failures

Who Attended

CxO, VP, Director, Head, Principal, Team Leader of

  • Preclinical Science
  • Preclinical Biomarkers
  • Translational Science
  • Cancer Biology
  • PKPD/ Pharmacology
  • TME
  • Bioinformatics
  • RNA/Genomic Sequencing
  • Toxicology
  • Target Validation
  • Safety

From oncology drug developers who specialize in

  • Cell therapies
  • Combination approach
  • Immuno-oncology
  • Microbiome

Expert Speakers Included:

Georgina Cornish

Associate Principle Scientist, Cell Therapy Safety


Henry Li

Chief Scientific Officer

Crown Bioscience

Ludovic Bourre

Senior Director, Scientific Engagement

Crown Bioscience

Stephanie Casey Parks



Aaron Cranston

Head of Translational Research

Almac Discovery Ltd., Belfast, United Kingdom

Irena Adkins

Lead Scientist Pharmacology


Mallika Singh

VP, Translational Research


Rajendra Kumari

Global Head of Scientific Communication

Crown Bioscience

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