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1:30 pm Chair’s Welcome

How Can We Increase Model Utility for Combination Therapy?

1:40 pm What’s in Our Translational Science Toolbox? Preclinical Oncology Model Selection in the Genomic Era – A Biotech’s Perspective

  • Aaron Cranston Head of Translational Research, Almac Discovery Ltd., Belfast, United Kingdom


  • Current problems and opportunities; what have we learnt from past experience?
  • From EMT to TME: exploiting data-driven model selection (exemplified by case studies)
  • First-time right? Delivering POC studies to inform the path to the clinic

2:10 pm Living Biobank of Matched In Vitro & In Vivo Patient-Derived Models for Drug Development & Biomarker Identification

  • Henry Li Chief Scientific Officer, Crown Bioscience


  • More clinically relevant models preserve the genetic and phenotypic characteristics of the original tumor, predict patient response, enabling improved cancer drug candidates to enter the clinic, and potentially overcome high oncology drug attrition rates
  • Early identification of biomarkers during preclinical drug development provides can provide additional benefits such as patient stratification, facilitating companion diagnostic clinical testing, and ultimately de-risking clinical trials

2:40 pm How Can We Increase Model Utility for Combination Therapy?

  • Mallika Singh VP, Translational Research , REVOLUTION Medicines


  • How to select the right model to use? Is it a trial-and-error approach?
  • What did we learn from our clinical studies, and incorporate this into our preclinical programs? E.g. toxicity & dosing schedule
  • How to combat resistance mechanisms?

3:10 pm Panel Discussion: What are the New Technologies to Enhance Our Understanding of Targeted Therapies?


• From target discovery to molecule developability – how can preclinical scientists work with biologists to assess the candidates’ effectiveness and mitigating downstream risks?
• From target validation to potency to safety – what are the new tools and bioinformatics we can leverage to help build a predictive model?

3:45 pm Chair’s Closing Remarks & End of PREDiCT Innovation Meeting